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What they're saying
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DeLuxe has been around Mooresville since I was a kid. They have the best ice cream I think I've ever had. The ice cream shop is in the front of the building and the ice cream factory is in the back. My kids love going there to get an after school treat. The staff is wonderful and the ice cream is amazing. If you want that down home feeling with great ice cream to boot check out Mooresville Ice Cream Co.
Misty F.

Miss Race City USA & Mooresville Mayor Chris Montomery

YUMMY ice cream
In business for years and years, this is a great family place to go for great ice cream. Clean and friendly service.
Brynn B.

my fav. is the deluxe fudgecicle... sooooooo good..
Carrie M.

I bought Butter Pecan and Holiday Fruit yesterday during a visit to the hometown. I am a very popular fellow back in Gastonia after those purchases.
Bill W.

Tubs of DeLuxe Ice Cream ready for dipping.

What great memories I have of the Ice Cream Store on Broad Street. When I first went into business (1990) (Randy Marion Chevrolet) I would take my customers to the ice cream store, which was next door, and win them over with a fresh dip of Deluxe Ice Cream. Gene and Jeanie, and Carol Millsaps are very good people along ...with all of the family and staff. I could go on and on,,,GREAT MEMORIES!!!
Randy M.

let's get a distributor in northern california!!!!
Letel B.

Best Ice Cream in the world!!!!!
Max J.

Nutty Bar Boys

Raised on it!! The best nutty cones!
Vickie B.

When I moved here from Myrtle Beach, all everyone talked about was Deluxe Ice Cream and the yellow "buckets" it comes in. I must say that 11 years later, I get it and I wonder how I could have ever lived on any other chocolate ice cream! My son has got to be the BIGGEST fan of your Bubble Gum Flavor as I am wondering ...how Ms. Jan at Dippy's ever keeps it in stock! DELUXE IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER!
Beth R.

I Love DeLuxe Ice Cream!!!! I live in Mooresville so it is so easy for us to get. The only ice cream we eat!!!!
Ashley F.

Ice Cream kids enjoy DeLuxe Ice Cream

The Dillard Dairy Bar, attached to the Dillard Peach Orchard in Greer, SC has Deluxe ice cream. We always stop in when we get peaches. It always brings back memories of Troutman now that I'm living in SC. I always get the Black Cherry, just like I did at the Troutman Drug store when I was a kid.
Rodney H.

DeLuxe Ice Cream Cone

New owners scoop up ice cream business

By Bethany Fuller
Published September 19, 2009, Statesville Record & Landmark

Barbara Alarcon Young, Bob Stamey & David StameyThe sale of Mooresville Ice Cream Inc. and the DeLuxe Ice Cream brand to the owners of Stamey Farms and an Ecuadorean family was finalized on Thursday.

Bob and David Stamey and Barbara Alarcon Young closed on the deal, which included the facilities on Broad Street in Mooresville, the DeLuxe name and the proprietary rights, for an undisclosed amount.

The new company, Mooresville Ice Cream Co. LLC, will retain all 14 employees in the office, including route salesmen, along with the production facility and the ice cream parlor.

"It is a high-quality ice cream that has been around for a long time," said Young, who earned her masters in business administration at Harvard University.

"There is a lot of stories and history. It is a good size investment. It had a decent customer base."

Young's family, the Alarcons, owns the Topsy ice cream brand in Ecuador and also produces yogurt. Young said they have 8,500 ice cream cabinets and 75,000 to 80,000 yogurt clients.

She said her father, Francisco, called Bob Stamey several months back to inquire about buying a dairy-processing company in the United States, preferably in the Southeast. Francisco is a longtime cattle client of Stamey's and personal friend.

The Stamey family has been farming in Iredell County since 1951. The farm is best known for exporting cattle around the world, a business that began in 1975.

David Stamey said when they were thinking about the possibilities, DeLuxe brand, which they grew up on, instantly came to mind. After making some inquiries with the Millsaps family, who have operated the Mooresville Ice Cream Co. since 1924, Stamey and the Alarcons made an offer.

"They are going to bring their expertise," Bob Stamey said of the Alarcons. "It's been family owned since 1924 and it's going to continue to be that way."

Gene and Buddy Millsaps will stay on as consultants. Their sister, Carol Sloop, will remain the office manager. Brett French has been named general manager of the company. David Stamey said the plan is to use cream from dairies in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, including Stamey Farms. The family has been in the cattle business since 1951.

Young said a stick novelty machine is on order from Italy to make items, such as the Mooresville Bar.

"We do think there is a lot of opportunity to grow," she said.

The scoop on Iredell ice cream maker

By O.C. Stonstreet
Published August 16, 2009, Mooresville Tribune

My dictionary in the R&L office says the word "deluxe" means "particularly elegant and luxurious; sumptuous. ..." It follows that if you were to give a product that brand name, say an ice cream, people would expect it to be of high quality.

It is.

The July 30 issue of the R&L announced the sale of the Mooresville Ice Cream Company to Stamey Farms of Statesville. How this will affect the continuance of a product that has been identified with Mooresville for more than eight decades remains to be seen.

There are several mythical stories (urbane legends?) about DeLuxe Ice Cream. One is that the old Lowrance Hospital staff was attempting to have a physician move his practice to Mooresville. The doctor was trying to make up his mind about moving to Mooresville or to another town.

The young doctor's mind, so the story goes, was made up when the staff had the Mooresville Ice Cream Company send him several gallons of their product in dry ice, with the result he moved his practice to Mooresville.

The other story is that several decades ago the federal government came out with some new regulations as to truth in labeling, the gist being that ice cream-like products of less than a certain amount of butter fat content had to be labeled as "ice milk," rather than as "ice cream." When this information arrived, one of the Millsaps brothers contacted the government agency to confirm the new regulations.

"That's correct," said the government man, "if your product is under 10 percent butter fat, you have to label it as 'ice milk,' but more than 10 percent, you can label it 'ice cream.' "

"Well," said our man, chuckling, "I guess we can cut the butter fat content in DeLuxe Ice Cream in half and still have 'ice cream.' "

After 85 years, family sells Mooresville ice cream business

By Melinda Skutnick
Published July 29, 2009, Mooresville Tribune

After 85 years as a family-owned and operated business, Mooresville Ice Cream Company – maker of the renowned DeLuxe Ice Cream brand -- is changing hands.

President Gene Millsaps said Tuesday the company founded by his grandfather, R.C. Millsaps, in 1924 has been purchased by Stamey Farms of Statesville, which will lead a partnership in continuing business operations.

"Nobody can stay in a business forever," said Millsaps who manages Mooresville Ice Cream Company with two other third-generation family members, Vice President Buddy Millsaps and corporate secretary Carol Sloop.

Younger generations in the Millsaps family, he added, haven't shown a "strong interest in pursuing" the ice cream business.

Gene Millsaps said a relationship between his company and Stamey Farms has existed "for a while," but the ownership change will allow the popular DeLuxe brand to continue and improve.

"They have a large dairy herd, but have also become international exporters of dairy cattle," Millsaps said of Stamey Farms, adding that they have "headstrong dairy experience," but have not been involved in prior dairy processing – in particular, turning milk into ice cream. Millsaps said the Statesville business has been in operation since about 1951.

"The Stamey family has committed to maintaining the high quality of the DeLuxe Ice Cream product line and to improvements in the product line and brand promotion," Millsaps said .

Mooresville Ice Cream Company's processing facility on Broad Street will remain for "at least the near future," he said, noting that the next several months will provide a transition period for the management.

The company's employees, he added, were informed of the changes before the Millsaps family went public with their decision.

Hoping that the new business venture will strengthen the DeLuxe Ice Cream brand, Millsaps said that selling the company was a "good thing to do" to maintain the 85-year-old product line.

"If there's a way to make a graceful exit … it's better to do it that way."

He added, "Both families look forward to a smooth transition and an improved and stronger DeLuxe Ice Cream brand."

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Great Ice Cream
We love going here during the summer. It is located downtown Mooresville, and a great place to stop while shopping. They have great ice cream and it has been around since my husband was little. It is a great atmosphere.
Nancy L.

Ladies enjoying ice cream at Mooresville Ice Cream Company

Black Cherry is the BEST!!!
Harriet C.

I really miss Fudge Ripple! They have nothing like it here in Texas.....:(
Alethea K.

I have fond memories of my years in school and bringing ice cream money to school to get either the Chocolate Cup or the Nutty Buddy! Nothing like DeLuxe Ice Cream!!
Kelley J.

Mooresville DeLuxe Ice Cream Bar

Best ice cream is... Mooresville Bar :->
Beth S.

What to say about Deluxe: Not enough words, but my favorite has always been the Fudge Bar.
Ben H.

Coconut ice cream is the bomb!!! Deluxe Ice Cream is the bomb!!!
Brenda S.

DeLuxe is the best! My favorite is the Mooresville bar! I remembering walking from Woods school to the DeLuxe plant for a field trip. Now I take my daughters there sometimes after school. It is their fav ice cream too!
Wendy K.

Every year I go on a search through the coolers of every local grocery store to find the elusive container of Lemon ice cream.
Ann G.

Dipping DeLuxe Ice Cream at the Carolina BalloonFest in Statesville

My favorite is peppermint candy!!!
Anslley M.

Just bought some good ole Deluxe at the grocery store. Yum yum, it's the best !!!
Jackie W.

Love that Deluxe ice cream !!!! The best ice cream around !!! We stop in every time we get an opportunity. If I can't get to Mooresville I head to Harris Teeter in Salisbury.
Darlene B.

Peppermint ice cream at Christmas was always a tradition at the Oliphant Christmas dinner when I was growing up. I've never had peppermint ice cream any where else that tastes so good!!
Tharon K.

Deluxe Ice Cream is the best! So strange how you can go so many different places and see that they carry Deluxe. I can understand why---it "hits the spot." In all my travels I have found none better!
Gaynelle K.

DeLuxe Ice Cream Cone


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